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Funaki saya.:Funaki saya.

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Mr. saya of marriage for the fourth year. It was said that they liked blaming, so you blamed as you liked HAME teacher Mongolia this time! I have a Mongolian face pour a great deal of sacred water on the beginning, and I bring disgrace much by anal blame by a rotor and face riding continuously and it's the second time.... When the wife of an impression who seems quiet starts playing the game, the beginning changes suddenly!

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"I attack more chi womanly and want a word. Urination is highlights." "You'd like the form of the rod rod." "I'd like chionna of a rod rod, a man of cameraman's Oosaka accent is noisy." "I'd like black pantyhose. The chionna play is also best by the body which is a rod rod." "It's wonderful chionna, I'd like to be blamed by such wind. It seems to lose the lead until it becomes dry."

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