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Seii Yukari.:Seii Yukari.

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As I saw, for, Yukari who is a childlike face so that a married woman doesn't see. But! The appearance is different and is this wife or becoming dirty! There is no dirty with your husband who lives away from home on a job assignment, and, frustration is explosive, immediately before! MANKO is also NURENURE by a few stimuli! The voice is too pleasant, and suffers and doesn't stop!

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"You're Ms. cute wife by a childlike face there is eros and man hair is OMANKO.", right? "I'm small and am Ms. married woman who is a childlike face, but highly, a dirty loving one knows the degree of experience well. It's difficult to look at an insertion scene, and I'm also interested in shaking of a screen. Mr. model, disgust of Ok, the thick medium stock and the pubic hair is GOOD." "Anyway it's pretty by an unreasonable childlike face!! The flesh is also good, so, it's best." "Short leg small elephant. It's worst."

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