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Kumi Sakakibara.:Kumi Sakakibara.

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Your wife who was different from last time and appeared in front of the man by the attractive figure. I propose that I'll blame a male body this time. You take off clothes and underwear in order to do onanism by a massage machine. Then the beautiful nude becomes open, and a man observes so that it may be tasted. The soup vulgar from wife's MANKO by onanism by a massage machine.... CHINKO which became solid in FERA hard, the man who reproves wife's MANKO for various posture. In maturity MANKO where the man who thrust away and reached a head intensely is your wife, during, it was taken out and it was done.

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"They don't seem to like the clothes first than a previous work, it was valuable that it has been taken off immediately." "The work which can be enjoyed fairly when business of night judges by such atmosphere by the actress who seems to look good. The pubic hair which leads to a bottom was good (warai)." "There is eros and wife's eros is here and you'd like OMANKO." "I don't think a beauty at all, but I compose from the atmosphere, the eros which seems felt, well, but it's good." "A nipple and chestnuts rise from the beginning. Black clothes are fascinating and sexy, and it's style beautifulness and so photography is accustomed and it's being done the second time. A common place work and Ms. married woman aren't utilized for the contents, and it's regrettable."

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