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Miyuki Takizawa.:Miyuki Takizawa.

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Coming Miyuki and your husband who become the second time of appearance still saw! You wear the glasses which are usually used and have come this time. They seem to be making an effort in order to appreciate an audio visual and steal a female allure recently. Do you want my husband to care for actually as expected, I'm SEX lover so much, H, your study loving erotic wife is best and moreover a style is outstanding by a beauty.

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"Is this time budding of glasses? Such, you're pleasant if I'm your liked wife as expected, everything is good!", right? "When glasses are worn a little, it looks like an intellectual OMANKO where pubic hair is little and beautiful looks good. The one by which a HAME teacher is my father is regrettable. Appearance of a young fine HAME teacher is expected.", doesn't it? "You're your wife pretty feeling makes ordinary OMANKO which opened PAKKURI is eros.", right? "I'd like a beauty of glasses!! when glasses are worn, they look intellectual, so I want you to look down on with a despised expression!!"

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