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Mami Isoyama.:Mami Isoyama.

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Mami who becomes the 2nd time of appearance. This time is waiting by car. The man is must-hear for the fact that he says that a male affair is found out! The first experience which has come out in the talk is what! 12 years old! Mami probably seems to have been dirty from the past! You also show me vulgar dirty with the impression this time!

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"The work which is more interested in the expression which looks rather older and seems painful at HAME than a picture and has withered." "A married woman of the beautiful system. During meeting a friend but taking a picture in the evening, it's taken out, and it's FAKKU. How is the state of mind of my husband?" "I'm your cute wife, but OMANKO is a jungle and there is eros." "A bristle doesn't collect on RORIFEISU. It's charm that the makeup is coming off with the second half of sex." "First experience is wonderful 12 years old,--but, by the play's being not radical to there considering it, the balance sense is your cute wife...."

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