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Takako Yanase.:Takako Yanase.

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Your wife who begins to tell while seeming embarrassed of a memory in the past and hesitating. The man who rubs a big chest away while exchanging hot sillago. When your wife is made on all fours and a finger is stuffed into MANKO, a vulgar noise is made with KUCHUKUCHU. I go to a bathroom together and wash a mutual body each other. I die in wife's intense motomata blame, immediately before man. I take a massage machine out and dab wife's MANKO. The man who thrust with various posture away to wet MANKO and reached a head sufficiently revealed a spermatozoon to wife's face.

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"It can't be judged by the HAME teacher midge midge figure. Moreover HAME time strikes rubber kan and a face short, and then it can't be seen. For Ms. married woman, erotic KU, may, but, it isn't utilized at all." "Man hair might look like a mature woman at a jungle by your cute wife, the one which is rubber kan is too regrettable!!" "Cameraman poor DA. Without the senses!" "Your cute wife is fine. Hair of MANKO wasn't processing it, and the natural place was also good. The place where I play in the bathroom is also good."

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