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Shinobu Yabe.:Shinobu Yabe.

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Are you slightly angry! A HAME teacher is a little perplexed at such TSUNDERE way, too, the state. Is it possible to make such wife feel? A HAME teacher begins to counterattack Shinobu who shows the weakness gradually! Voice begins to feel, and is suffering gradually and begins to leak. I pay attention to the difference between the beginning and Shinobu's last expression!

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"It seems to have cooled, but I'm your wife who doesn't make the age feel body Rhein, skin and a face. A free actor is worst..., only, YA, as, such as, it feels like and the camera angle isn't also." "Of the age, the feature beautiful comparatively. The work which feels an ambition in the last expression out of which I have come, not an expression." "Even nearly 50 years old are your very beautiful wife!! I'd like to receive a plump body of such choujuku, too!!"

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