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Haruka Tazaki.:Haruka Tazaki.

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Haruka who gets married and says 1 year. A newly-married couple is fresh, but my husband is busy and when it's little, the number of times of the dirty is a dissatisfaction touch. I'm your wife who seems quiet, one about which a stain... is excited for such young wife in ASOKO already when underwear is checked, or the spermatozoon huge from CHINPO of a HAME teacher is big release!

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"They were quiet for certain, but the degree of seriousness was high, and one was liked. Because Anne Anne always turns a face to the camera side, and a noisy person looks like acting, and doesn't like that." "The newly-married wife who seems quiet is good play isn't quite satisfactory, because I'm a newly-married wife, it'll be lack of experience.", isn't she? "The young wife who is fresh. A style is also GOOD. The young wife is sometimes good, too I suffered a little more and wanted you to raise a cry.", isn't she? "The play is ordinary and sometimes good for a too young... slim breast." "I'd like a slim and small breast. They seem to seem quiet, but, there isn't eros."

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