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Hikari Kawanishi.:Hikari Kawanishi.

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Serious Hikari with an atmosphere! CHUGUCHU which also pets much today and tears off there? I'll thrust at CHI● of a HAME teacher much by KO and spend some time of the secret!

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"I think really so (the deg Д deg)!" "Like everyone's opinion, there are no recent works for affection and involvement at all. Moreover the quality of the actress and the quality which is an actor in particular fall. The contents of a work are also not completely satisfactory I think it may be better to integrate with a sister site and be unified.", aren't they? "It isn't in this animation, in the one of a sister site, the same actress? (Are you your wife?) but you're out if it's anyhow, shouldn't it be made mutual Delta Airlines possible?", right?? "It's being tasted perfectly as other people say, too, can't the quality of an actress be improved a little more, I think the minimum appearance is necessary even if I say the mature woman and the married woman who aren't cute at all, but how about." "ME TON or! The renewal number of the industry highest peak? Which industry??"

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