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Yoko Higashi.:Yoko Higashi.

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Yoko who has just got married! Innocence will forget that today is my husband while leaving it, and becomes comfortable! The expression which is paradise in an intense lunge though loud pant voice also makes them sound! The end has a thick one much, and, big satisfaction!

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"Your quite cute elder sister. I think I'm not Mr. amateur, but when there are other works, I'd like to see." "Your wife is a good actress. Why doesn't an actor make the thick sillago last, please, only a scruff." "Medium stock doesn't collect on a married woman! sen, oh, for a nuisance, YATSUSSU NAA-" "I'd like to put CHINPO in KO this elder sister doesn't drink. Your elder sister who seems to be in manners." "It was possible to see a young wife in twenties after a long time. The degree of dirty is different compared with clerical worker's ordinary twenties as expected."

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