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Kyouju Hayashi.:It's shown! Everything of that popular reader model

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Kyouju Hayashi outstanding in the style work of a magazine and a fashion model also ordinarily does by a tall figure of height 166cm. The glamorous body in the slender figure more than an E cup is very attractive. Eros likes to have thought I appeared on an audio visual simply, and it's said that they were interested in professional involvement with an actor. You change most into sexy underwear only of string after interview, and I challenge onanism by a toy. The radical sex such as the deep kisses and the anal licks is shown by the thick sex of 40 minutes. The sex which is the throat force by much posture given off from a body of a tall figure is must-see! An ejaculation in the mouth from FERA and a bold urination scene are also filmed!

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"It's beautiful the style is also outstanding and I'm a wonderful actress. FERA also is thick and is the best work a combination part also looks good for which I was excited."., isn't it? "Nice body and breast. I'd like to see aokan of a clear sky. Surprisingly, a joint rise is also vulgar." "I think I have fine teamwork, but isn't there modulation a little? A taste seems divided into a face. I don't like an actor of a avatar face. Good CHINPO." "Even a model is doku MO which isn't 、、、 DERUMO NO sell well-proportioned 、、、 by a typical tall figure, incomplete belle.", isn't it? "I have fine teamwork indeed, but the contents are ordinary."

Keywords:During launching an audio visual actress and in the toy and the mouth, it's taken out, big breasts, hand KOKI and 69.

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