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Mami Honda.:I make a pass at the girl who just saw boyfriend off there, and, immediately, HAME!

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A charge pick-up is carried out in the just after gal which was a date with boyfriend and was separated! It was quite short skirt, so "Can I go to this?", I step on, and you promise "the-? which goes to rice eating", I flow and it's OK at room. After meal "I'm having coffee and am resting?" Please, w which has followed to the hotel lightly It's said to be the first time that I thought BITCHI arriving at everyone and followed to the hotel by wearing and a pick-up. Whether a topic is also changing to a lower ingredient for sushi gradually, if I'll ask with laver, this, also, w where OK has gone out lightly and KO where a pie bread crane hangs out with nothing if I'll make certification for genuineness take off pants!

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