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Tono Eri:My amateur daughter By Eri-the first audio visual, stock during life-

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Thick FERA where the first audio visual is to the extent I can't think, and intense Sex! Eri who says that it was admiration to go out to an audio visual from time of the junior high school second year student shows it to me. The young girl who is everywhere by first's impression. But while hearing talk, I'll find out that I'm not a just cute child. Even if it's taken off, it's wonderful! The beautiful milk which keeps being dazzling. First all onanism is also two toys the second time by hand, tight, Iku, she. Next CHINPO of the actor who appears, FERA, I observe by hand carefully from the front. And this FERA, there is eros! CHINPO, fond, a degree, it's full and though it's good sound stock, it's tasted and it's breathed in away. After that, riding is backing and is turning normality one after another intensely. The end is also my first time for this, medium stock.

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"The hole which was covered up by the man hair which isn't being processed. Characteristics of an amateur has gone out, the first interview is long." "The body is quite good, by a face, a little, an aunt look, it's feeling, not a taste. An interview scene is too long. I tangle and it's wasteful because the reaction was also fairly good." "I think the body is good. Don't you like a face? Mosquito Lamy is not completely satisfactory." "As an amateur work, 、、、 actress usual, story usual and mosquito Lamy ordinariness... There were ka and the bad and 、、、 was a boring work." "It's ordinary like the contents. And an insertion scene is short."

Keywords:An amateur and a toy, during, it's taken out and it's animated originally.

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