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It's shallow:HAMEZO-HAME taking collection-vol.7

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Unnecessary production, without everything, this work with which dirty starts suddenly. Amateur Asami who is holding male CHINPO in his mouth slowly from "Thank you!" and just after the polite greeting of which he solicits a favor deeply, and is crowded with smile of the whole face. A breast of hanging down a touch is her individuality again and also slightly sexy. The form that kan RAZU writhes in concerned putting and a male persistent den MA attack with my quiet daughter while suffering from loud voice is very vulgar at the beginning. HADORO and a great deal of thick ZAMEN are poured into OMAN KO at the end.... Further there is a rather big tattoo around the lower back for this child, so the person who doesn't like, I'm sorry.

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"A breast is big and similar to the previous MEGU o I, I think it's wasteful when I made lay and putting Sumi in clean build personally." "There are no too wasteful scenes, and a good impression can have a whole book. Does a breast hang down badly a little? A sculpture rather than a tattoo was feeling and a special body felt wastefully. A smiling face at a wood deck looked pretty. When ink is not, though it was done, intention like the actress who can be in hope from now on is regrettable." "Mosquito Lamy is in a hurry. A drooped breast is slightly regrettable." "It was a breast of hanging down a touch, but PAIZURI which can be picked up entirely was quite good so often." "A gap with the appearance bought OMORO, but that milk gives 、、、 so much, that there is a tattoo though it seems to look like such ordinariness."

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