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Kadota festival:Sales technique of a male underwear professional sales lady-a married woman festival-

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Whatever kind of thing there is today, a sales lady festival of male underwear has to win a contract. In the cause or the enforcement intermediary that I make a visitor put on T. Buck as soon as a door of the front door is opened? But the visitor who doesn't buy easily. While though I hope that you give the service especially if you'd buy it today, the ball bag which stuck out of T. Buck is tasted around, and it's the mouth, squid SE, big service! I get a case of contract with this! Well, the next customer speaks by the* way and surprisingly, brings him to a home of a festival this time, and it's good, I meet, CHINPO is added again. Is the possibility which was an sales aim from pleasure? During, the lecherous salesperson I make take out. Didn't a spear want to sell it, and gather?

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"FERA by a face of glasses is good. But they're good, the face which was made TORON when it's kept, is horny." "There is also no possible love coming by beautifulness especially, but I like the face which feels eros. A body also tightens moderately, and I think but the place where a breast is here neatly is good. The actress who feels characteristics of en overall." "I liked glasses personally, so it was good. FERA seems comfortable best. It's the recommendation!", isn't it? "You'd like the aura which is erotic eros for Mr. festival it can never be said a beauty, but the color and scent are floating.", right? "A face has fine teamwork and is also fairly good. The contents were taking out chionnakan, and were also quite good."

Keywords:During launching a mature woman/a married woman and in the mouth, it's taken out, hand KOKI.

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