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Lightly, Yuuki.:Cabin attendant and spear red snapper!

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Sometime, a cabin attendant and YA, would, if, your dream of which I think is granted! The 2nd version of first back HEYZO presents and a uniform of CA look really good, it's Yuuki's appearance lightly! The gap doesn't collect on atmosphere Yuuki who was made opposite to the looks which is a beauty softly! You kiss a passenger suddenly in the plane, and I have my employee ID (?) stolen the opportunity. Natural Yuuki tells to come to the airport hotel when wanting you to return it, and goes coolly. In a prey of the men who were waiting as expected. The end tangles while turning the posture intense, and dies by 2 shots of medium stock!

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"There should be such Mr. CA. 3P of uniform putting also is thrust at away from the rear from the front and seems comfortable." "When doesn't setting have to be CA? Grotesque SA in MANKO is OK. Don't you have enough FERA HANECHIKKO SA." "A face and a body are good. When refusing MOUCHOI eros, it's perfect." "Yuuki is good-looking and a style is outstanding and fits the cabin attendant role. If there is such CA, a spotted blur is done." "There is a lust and a man is silent conversely, and a beautiful limb smarts tenderly, and the CA elegant by a beauty is all right. Sensitive teat pointed coldly, pubic hair which has a male eye in nailing and petal for which preparations to receive is enough anytime. This, I want someone to see a flushed body. I want you to pierce by a thick penis hard. It's understood, it's understood. It's pushed towards doubtful two people, but such Yuuki meets the condition and the temptation. Be good-looking next time and be petted by a sturdy man carefully by one to one, and make love liquid overflow much, and please fascinate the work which reaches an ecstasy."

Keywords:While an audio visual actress, a beautiful leg, a uniform and a costume masquerade are sleeping around, it's taken out and the first bottom half and hand KOKI are animated originally.

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