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Satomi Kirihara.:They're clever, the way, cellular phone utilization method-a game at which I aim isn't missed-.

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I say fee to the office worker who picked a cell phone up and tempt, they're clever. Starting of the back and the intense sex to which I ministered politely! I agonize myself while doing a spout many times, "It's comfortable! Please thrust more!", the form that I'll ask for it's perfect, chionna! When comfortable posture is found, I say "Well, this is comfortable!", and it moves intensely on its own, I. Only by this once, which time I, to the extent I don't know any more! A cell phone was just picked up, and is a lucky man to be caught by such pretty chionna.

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"Certainly, I'd like the ordinary pretty feeling which isn't this beauty system." "For Satomi Kirihara, erotic KU, may. Even special beautifulness is the ordinary girl who isn't also cute, anyway, by dirty, there isn't eros. A lip is erotic I NO in particular, and BEROCHU and Sean of a fellatio are good it's also good to make a body twitch timidly at Iku and, because it's sensitive, many times, I, it's high evaluation. It's rather small in the quantity of the water of the spout and regrettable, during, after taking it out and being done, it's best NUKI DOKORO to wet the bed.", aren't they? "It's the face which looks like ordinariness, but I'd like a reaction of a body. When a cup more of milk is big, it would be still good." "It's ordinary in visual way, for mosquito Lamy, erotic KU, may, it feels like." "I'm a cute child by the lovely feature. The reaction is also good and, a FERA face is also by cuteness, GOOD."

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