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Sky Mio:Supporter of sexual right! World change person and Mio call! -An abnormal teacher is punished! -

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The age hears the news that the teacher doing a thing bad for a girl in the school is here, and is unknown, a change person and common name Mio stood up in an unidentified world! Bad they can't leave them alone! Mio strong in a sexual right sense steals into the inside of the school by the uniform form, and does student's FURI and approaches to punish a target. I put the pants which will be a teacher right away when it'll be two murderers in the classroom, into use, and, CHI○, PO, PAKURI! I suck at a root of vice while making a noise with JUPOJUPO. I make them exhaust pus in a world and it's caught in your mouth. Foolery is also taken for a video tightly, and and, as expected, the end is medium stock finish DAA!

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"The words and the acting are awkward, but I'm an owner of the good makings of the body balance. Natural pubic hair like the comb with the long length of hair claims special mention, the eyes are made nailing, and, greatly, of a sexual sense, kou ME. An expert actor was a partner, but if it was young IKEMEN, could gloss work with feeling see a little more." "There was little amount, and the last medium stock was a little regrettable. I think the situation was good. I'd like to become such teacher." "Mio, was this mission comfortable! Didn't punishment become comfortable only one person." "For this, a teacher..., in that case I'm one of the teacher who would like to be a student by all means."

Keywords:During launching an audio visual actress and in the enthusiast fetishism, the uniform and the mouth, it's taken out, hand KOKI and the hard system.

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