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Pupil YURA:The first class of the teacher who sinks in sexual pleasure-new teacher-

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"Pupil YURA" where a slender body is attractive in the lip made POTTERI is the new teacher role, Heyzo first appearance! The slender leg which developed with SURARI from a short tight skirt doesn't collect. The male students full of the lust which made the spotted blur such Mr. Hitomi's body crowd mistress's MANKO, and the curtain opens for classroom big gang rape! "Stop!" her grievous cry reaches no one's ears. The disposal I cover with a great deal of tide a disliked word makes a body twitch many times and though it's stet when stirring a vagina hole with a finger oppositely. A face, the mouth and the cloudy liquid dripped from her who catches students' energy and is pausing by a hollow expression one after another in MANKO are the indecency which isn't ordinary. It's corrected, but of the beauty teacher falling in a condition and a female slave, be, the NO end? Does colleague's teacher snarl, and...?

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"I was a beautiful actress, but medium stock was unstimulating. I'm a stockings lover, so other actresses, please as well." "I was disappointed at more than one plays because I was a well-proportioned actress beautifully. Two so beautiful actresses depend slowly by KIRI and want you to interlock thick." "It's very beautiful. They look like these students and I'd like to taste such teacher every day. It's better for a beautiful face to get soiled in ZAMEN. Of mosquito Lamy by students, you could also enjoy yourself by various posture various. I wanted you to show me more places in MANKO tightly." "They're big breasts, but a face and a body can chip SUKKARI meat, and all except for that falls, and I think former image has disappeared a lot!" "I withered. I'm sorry."

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