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Nekoda RIKU:The temptation I have played a trick on the childhood friend I like very much-which are a small devil and RIKU-

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Nekoda RIKU where big breasts of a H cup and innocent RORIFEISU are charm blames a childhood friend away in an instinctive condition! RIKU who became to stay in the house of a childhood friend where he lives near the airport because he went to overseas training at school. The place a childhood friend makes the onanism accidental where has been seen. Onanism is shown at the place, but with being unbearable, RIKU who thought there was no IKE by its cause clings to CHINKO of a childhood friend. The moment and the father I tried to put in just as it is come into a room, and are in entrustment once. Two people who can't suppress a lust after that, by the bath, ICHAICHA, all over and in a father seem. Two people return to a room again and bump all former desires each other! RIKU who makes the blamed sex aggressive though he irritates, indeed, small devil! A drop of spermatozoon of a childhood friend is squeezed completely in OMANKO as well as the end.

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"Are you an actress really? It's amateurish." "It can't be said to be honest, that it's pretty, but the big bottom is best in a big breast. The back scene is excited and. That a picture is seen, PO, a touch, an abdomen doesn't project, so it doesn't feel like that I'm overweight." "When seeing as an amateur thing, it's latitude, but I'm an audio visual actress at all, so it's rather poorly rated. Is pie bread a trend by big breasts in POCHA in RORI, hey?" "You were very impressed, and how characteristics of an amateur was-was felt, but this body is beautiful and is admiration in a big chest you don't like to say bye bread.". "Only these days, a ham and an unknown actress. When I'm good-natured, still I have no complaints, but it's also of low level this time. I want you to take out a little more respectable actress."

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