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Landlord net:A vertical line, clear! RORI is limited to pie bread as expected!

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A RORI face, black hair, pie bread and the "landlord net" intolerable for a triple time even RORI lover excellently, oh, but then you'll do appearance♪ "... which would like to urinate" right away by the sailor blouse form! Said, when I'll make take off pants, while CHINKO is ground into a pretty face, and I make them well up, and it's the mouth, vertical line KUKKIRIPAIPANMA♀ KO♪ is clapped, just as it is, launch in the mouth! When both hands are tied and there is twiddled, I get wet and get wet already, the flood state. The net who has divulged PISHA unconsciously when he thrusts with various posture away with a back and riding. It's about normality, slippery PAIPANMA♀, in KO, to the hilt, during, you take it out and clean done later neatly, FERA, please, state♪ pleased with it

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"I'd like to tell to come after I look at the mirror. A sketch in the uniform and the mouth is a highlight." "Pie bread is fine for a linear man, a looks is not completely satisfactory, IKE." "A sailor blouse fits this body PAIPANMANKO is also beautiful, but a face doesn't like a little.", doesn't it? "I'd like to finger gently and taste around in RORIMAN where it's worth a glance for certain. When I turn my eyes away to a face and JK clothes, but a bad thing falls into doing feeling." "The feeling that Eriko Shiro of NMB48 was made tight. It's not completely satisfactory like a free looks and, it's sometimes unexpected, BUSAIKU, there is at an expression."

Keywords:During launching an audio visual actress, RORI and in the mouth, it's taken out, a spout and FERA.

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