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Kyono Asuka:Misfeasance of bichionna-beauty higher-ups in ONE'S firm-

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A beauty actress ideal for a popular series "bichionna" "Kyono Asuka", in the bullish female boss role, casting! You're a timid subordinate today. The subordinate who apologizes, a boss order explodes while twiddling CHINPO by a beautiful leg with a ring attendant "Take it off and show a mind to do." in a locker! The Kyono section chief OMANKO has been completely hot sucks ZAMEN up by intense FERA and drinks. Still without being enough, soup sits astride a subordinate by an office and makes an erotic erotic man taste much this time, and only one feels away, and flies. Many times, stet, well DO S way opening which is just in front of and irritates the subordinate it'll be! Though it's about riding and a lower back is shaken noisily, medium stock request. Isn't the sex in which a woman held the initiative also bad?

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"This actress enters personal best 5. To the extent you may join in only this purpose. When a face and good play are intense, it isn't bad." "They're the meaning to have that and reward if it's "S" to there when blowing water, I wish I made them drink!", aren't they? "Being about riding and during drawing standing on hind legs through the hands away in the MANKO, it's taken out and it's finished! A fair work." "If Asuka makes chionna where she has a small intension do, it's top grade, sense of stability is an ace. An actor isn't quite satisfactory to a partner by himself, and free Asuka is regrettable." "chionna was very compatible with Kyono Asuka, and the clerical worker role was also suitable."

Keywords:Audio visual actress ,OL, the beautiful bottom and a beautiful leg, during, it's taken out and chionna, a spout, hand KOKI and FERA are animated originally.

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