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Misaki Yoshimura.:I ejaculate in FERATEKU of the living national treasure order of the woman calligrapher, meeting

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"I'm living national treasure." for, it's quite novel clincher, isn't it? If such thing is called, if I shave, it'll be. It's dirty during a press conference, the reporter who questions is quite brave, too, but have you just gone to the vicinity where you answer to that by a demonstration with the living national treasure who is indeed? No pants which promise under the kimono. A brush drops one person of a reporter off as calligrapher's professional paragon, professional as well as how to handle it a brush. Koho is the inside by the condition by which a kimono was put on as well as the end and while handling this thing or the shabby brush present at the place skillfully not to choose a brush finishes.

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"An actress wasn't bad for itself, but it wasn't the character of Japanese clothes." "An actress thinks it itself isn't so bad, but I think I don't agree with the contents. A previous work was also so, but in great numbers an actor appears, and the work is also regrettable now. I think they seem to prefer dark large-blossomed chrysanthemum like "after 6"." "A slender body and minute milk are a wonderful girl. Dressing in kimono may also be suitable well, it's regrettable with CHO everything of a beautiful body puts it on and that spoils in HAME." "There is a lot of severe criticism, but it's regrettable because I'm a beauty. FERATEKU seemed fairly good, but the one which isn't a kimono as expected was preferred." "A sailor blouse of a previous work looked good, but usual disgust is also slightly top grade by*.. for the next Japanese clothes, and a FERA face is very nice. Lecherousness also highlights DABURUFERA in medium jikaikyaku for a slender body, and anyway it's Misaki who discounts to no one."

Keywords:While a kimono, slenderness and launch in the mouth are sleeping around, an audio visual actress and yukata* are taken out, hand KOKI.

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