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Kawanishi net:Sexual Yu who plays an active part in Hamar's World 21-MARUCHI-

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Audio visual actress... loved from a person by a certain mutter site, that accompanied this time, ", it was the first image of Kawanishi net 」.... During not seeing its reality easily, well, firing of the problem remark which is naked when I'll start a trip!... I think this time is probably my first time for a work with "pea sound". (warai)... oppositely, the original form of the girl friend who appears and disappears was a very commonsense one just different from expectation with extremeness of the remark.... "When he's a fascinating audio visual actress, everyone of a fan can enjoy himself."... perhaps the feeling, she, in a wild remark, dispatch would. Well, it was this this work and one to which a toque is very important!... Then "drinking toque" in late at night is up to now, and she who gets drunk is longest in particular, and also keeps turning a camera for more than one hour, and reveals, ", it's hit, KE talk" in I think you're surprised! (It was serious to gather in the length certain degree of. w)... and after two people who got drunk have finished SEX, the "another truth" at which everyone is surprised is told from her mouth. I would like to ask everyone of her fan to see it in particular! "Kawanishi net" of another person everyone doesn't know, oh, but it exists surely there!

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"A work isn't bad for its own concept, but is an actress not completely satisfactory? More eros is here and hopes for MANKO." "I'm not a favorite actress so much, but the expression when having sex, is good really it was MANKO beautifulness.", isn't it? "Each person has a taste, but I don't like a work on this relation so much. An actress does, and likes a good body." "Of a cute girl of a rod rod body, the form of moto is being drawn out generously by a detective chin of a HAMAR director, and it's best." "Actress's natural face is seen, and I'd like erotic KU NARU and time."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, HAME taking and a toy, during, it's taken out, big breasts, 69, PAIZURI and beautiful milk.

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