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Luna:By gravure photography, HAME! -The recent idol who opens a thigh easily-

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Appearance of the gravure idol and Luna who are a PATCHIRIO eye eye for a slender body by which a swimsuit of light purple is good for white skin and looks good. A beautiful teat of pin and botsu TTA pink is too pretty in a small breast! But it's opposite to such appearance, well, when gravure photography starts, the feces a respect language can't also use is irritated with a cameraman and an assistant for Luna of the sassy attitude. Impertinent, it's merciless HAME taking education nowadays in GURADORU! A request calls guidance and makes them strike various poses, and is escalated extremely. Luna who had Daikai leg readily thrusts at a pie bread beautiful man with an expression in room away, too, and when being blamed away, it's in a continuous head acme face! Please enjoy some time when the spear red snapper which satisfies a conquest desire is extraordinary!

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"It didn't look like an idol, but it's pretty, so it's permitted. Play was not completely satisfactory." "It's a pretty female one the favorite type. I'd like to date such cute child. Did you lose your hair?", isn't it?? "Is your face pretty? Is it beautiful? I'm not well-proportioned but am also beautiful Coman by a natural body! I want you to grow man hair! Did you lose your hair...?" "You were the gal system actress before this one may match. I don't like your face, so they're rather severe in marking.", right? "You're a girl of the beautiful system light dirty was well-matched, but there was feeling that it's broken off a little in erotic SA.", right?

Keywords:During launching an audio visual actress, slenderness, HAME taking and in the mouth, it's taken out, hand KOKI, 69 and FERA.

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