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Ayase Yui:The first part which became a sexual staff for me to become a regular member

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Yui who works for a manufacturer of clothes as a just-in-time employee. Today's these days change of occupation is also considering when you can't become a regular member just as it is while being disgusted at the limit of the work as a just-in-time employee. You could speak to a chief director so that I might come to the meeting room after such some day and duties. I say that you recommend it to a regular member of the underwear section for which a hand isn't enough. For it, that I have to show me a mind to do-, the stain which is vulgar in T. Buck's panties when you break stockings to pieces and stimulate a chestnut intensely.... When you make take off pants and it's excited and you can be depressed by a finger, CHINKO enough for chief director's bottle bottle is clenched personally, thick FERA. When it'll be unbearable any more, it's about the back riding from 69, and it's inserted personally. "You're standing on hind legs, I arrive at the inside more, and,-" and, I reach a head and do the whole body convulsions many times. I have been already Yui who enjoyed sex fully perfectly beyond an area of pillow business.

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"You're my daughter who was appearing by an amateur thing before when a face is called, it may be similar to SASHIKO. I think the style is well-balanced and very good. This actress is weak in influence above all, and there is eros still fairly by its medium make-up, and a place is high evaluation.", right? "MANKO is black and a flyer flyer stretches through and is overused." "A face isn't a taste, but it's wasteful to employ only this ability while being special. Wriggle of the hand which develops and MANKO tells CHINPO lecherous way naturally." "I'm not a regular member, if I'm a sexual staff, satisfied by all means." "By the lower back pretense the style is also outstanding by a beautiful actress, and that the play contents are also intense in thick FERA, big, I was excited."

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