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Yoshiko:Capricious wife diary Vol.04

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That I became a new mother from today, Yoshiko who introduces himself to a son-in-law. When nothing is heard from my father, it's confused, but she's the intention in plenty. When she takes a bath, there is a person who peeps out from a window. Takeshi of my son. After finding out that it's looked stealthily at, a foot is washed so that I may open and show OMANKO big. She can see the place where an erotic site is being judged by the internet for a stepmother, and "would like the real thing", and, I put son's pants into use and hold CHINPO in my mouth with PAKURI. My son who drowns in love of prohibition with a stepmother and the mother with whom a body smarts in a young extract. The work fair as a mature woman thing. NUKE.

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Keywords:A ham and a mature woman/a married woman, enthusiast fetishism, launch in the mouth and a countenance strike, chionna and the hard system.

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