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Amateur:Deadly work person Six.

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The male duo which speaks to a girl by Ikebukuro station. "Please take us." and, I make a camera last and makes them take a picture. But this is an excuse and the purpose is a pick-up. I speak to many girls, but I die a honorable death both. I go about the girl who spoke forcibly somehow. I also enter into a room forcibly, but I say that there is a child. GASA insertion is done and underwear is found. The dynamite body which is excellent with what when I make them take off the clothes cleverly in one's speech, and it's made the underwear form? I have made it more stark-naked. I rub BURURUN big breasts away and make a foot open, and a flyer flyer of OMANKO is opened and pink OMANKO is made completely exposed to view....

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