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Natsumi:Natsumi's housemaid heaven

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Natsumi cleaning by pretty housemaid clothes. It's mini failure, so panties are completely exposed to view. Natsumi who anxiously awaits "is your husband unready,-?" and my husband. My husband goes home there. "Your husband return, please." Natsumi who would be happy to meet my husband. But husband's expression isn't somewhat sharp. "Management of a company doesn't work recently, and, well. The sales have also decreased and." and, my husband who tells a reason. "Because I can't work neatly?" and, Natsumi who feels responsibility. My husband who explains "There are no such things. Because Natsumi is working neatly." when Natsumi has no every responsibility. "There are a lot of worries." and, for my husband who complains of a complaint, "It's handed and it isn't liked that your husband is languid. Everything is done for your husband to become fine. Please say everything.", Natsumi who tries to cheer my husband. Then he tries to ask for "Everything?" and something, but my husband is hesitated for some reason. Natsumi who prompts to want you to say "Please say everything." without reserve. "Really?" still in Natsumi's assuming "Then will she ask variously?" though she hesitates. "When cleaning, do you take off and don't you clean panties?" and, without Natsumi's being confused at husband's dirty wish, "High.", to accept by a smiling face. "Good one?" my husband who seems happy and checks it once again. "Then please take it off right away." Natsumi begins to take off panties slowly. The bottom becomes completely exposed to view and the pubic hair is also seen. "After would you like to turn over a skirt just as it is?" and, please, my husband. But Natsumi, "I'm embarrassed.", I shake my head for disapproval in the side. My husband who kneads "Please, I said that you asked me, here?? Favor." and da and asks earnestly. Natsumi is seeming embarrassed and is turning over a skirt slowly....

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