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Kei Kitagawa.:Kei Kitagawa.

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I metamorphose an innocent smiling face into too cute Kei, for a cameraman, YARARETAI extraordinariness! An actor is a bottle bottle in FERA which is desperate and exerts itself, too, Sean who brings tears to an eye at the end!

Kei Kitagawa.

A comment: "This daughter is cute, the underwear is also pretty and, since doing the age of some warming up, in a hurry the face which stands up to a stimulus of unusual den MA is also good for man hair in it again, by the last tear, an impression is deep." "Beautiful OMAN KO which was my RORI daughter and opened pretty breast and PAKKURI by KOBURI shows it to me by Nakaide stripe, and Hitomi is big satisfaction." "How is Mr. OMAMUKO? Let me greet in OPOKOCHIN, please." "It's pretty it looks like tuna a little (warai).", isn't it? "Make, since, don't you have that? It's 4610 which is H, when you're an audio visual actress, please transcribe an audio visual actress."

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