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Yuko Komezawa.:Yuko Komezawa.

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Yuko of RORI course. CHI○ after a long time is very interested in KO, and with being unbearable, PAKU! By den MA and a vibes attack, MA○, KO is soaked. The state which suffers and is enthusiastic transcends eros! During being not collected, stock!

Yuko Komezawa.

A comment: "RORI ancestry if, by the feeling such as saying or being young. The mouth when being FERA, is dicey." "Beautiful milk and a smiling face when feeling shy, are slender and very charming." "MANKO where bigness of the milk holds good profit moderately also makes them excited." "By the sharp condition of the teat,◎. The unskillful character sprouted withers. For how to feel,◎. The body is neither dirty nor beautiful in particular,△. It isn't bad, but it comes off. General common place work. It isn't hogwash." "It was a RORI face, but it was a slender and beautiful body. It was better to get wet in GUCHUGUCHU there."

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