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Misato Kishida.:Misato Kishida.

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Misato, the president secretary slender by 169 centimeters. Even if hair takes KO thin, MA○ is clean! In HAME where I'm enthusiastic about a massage machine, also show urination and like FERA of service perfection very much, the degree of lecherousness climax!

Misato Kishida.

A comment: "I'm a cute nice girl, the underwear is also pretty and when it's seen from the top, it's seen as a bristle, but it's regrettable that I don't have that, and it's regrettable with a rubber, but the urination is pretty." "A slender beauty. By riding by clever rhythm, there is eros! The one which is with a free rubber is regrettable..." "If, your very cute slender daughter. It seems often wet and is ropy by den MA, by soup, fully. It isn't the medium stock, but a beautiful pretty face is made a mess on by a white spermatozoon, and that's also good." "I'm a beauty, the rubber is bad I wanted to see stock during decision.", isn't it?

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