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Yuri Sonobe.:Yuri Sonobe.

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An eye is big, the gal system beauty and Yuri. They usually seem to do pubic hair processing by themselves, the way is special! You processed it as usual this time. By a launch scene...

Yuri Sonobe.

A comment: "The style is pretty, and it's also the best girl, it's spoiled by unskillful shaving." "Ms. Yuri Sonobe, it's a breast of KOTSUBU a little swarthily, but, by beautifulness, very, it's a typewriter. But, during, unfortunately it's lumped together in the one you made take out, DR, can! Whether it won't be somehow, NE...." "The beautiful feature was fine for a body of the color grotesque. I'd like the warped expression when it's kept back."

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