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Chinatsu Minami.:Chinatsu Minami.

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Chinatsu after a long time is also very fine by a smiling face today! I chatter brightly, but it'll be felt dirtily immediately! A young limb devotes itself aggressively, and also jumps this time!

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A comment: "A picture is disordered badly. This actor?? it's blamed, and it's a device in photography." "A short cut looks good, the cheerful child who often laughs. Lower back usage seems to have abundant free experience and feels well and it isn't also an ordinary person." "The animation delivered this time is generally launched, by angle, the picture by which II is SD is very regrettable!!" "Looks fairness is also fine with a style, erotic KU, and, I'm a favorite girl also wants you to appear." "It's RORI, but incompleteness lacks the firmness usage which is about riding."

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