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Nakano Ai Kaori.:Nakano Ai Kaori.

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Ai Kaori after a long time is very interested in CHINKO of a HAME teacher. In the behavior which is unplanned when I'd like to blame on my own,.... It isn't just blamed of course! Intensely, HAME, can, which has been thrust at and has enjoyed dirty fully many times!

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"Erotic, pretty gal! In a super-miniskirt, T. Buck! A style very excited for a man. H by a sofa is bad for NG! Iku. A special model isn't utilized. The last medium stock doze is regrettable in being very good, and it's expected next time." "Looks fairness is also fine with a style, erotic KU, and, I'm a favorite girl also wants you to appear."

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