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Asuka Takeda.:Asuka Takeda.

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Asuka of PAIPANMANKO has come after a long time! I'm also very interested in restriction play, it's tied to a chair this time, and, big excitement! Voice is blamed by CHINKO in a toy, and suffers and doesn't stop!

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"It's pretty, and, lower back usage by riding is erotic I! It's each person whether oh feels erotic SA in pie bread, but, w" "Eros is very pretty for pie bread. The back scene, attraction" "This child is good! It's pretty outstandingly and I also like dirty very much above all. Only the lower part of the body is fingered by OMEKO completely exposed to view of the pie bread completely naked, and. Yes would like to try such thing. It's best!" "A model is cute, and it's fine for I like the contents many times with pie bread and restriction play, work. It's regrettable that a picture is dark." "It's the best model for pie bread, but NUKI DO KORO isn't found by angle prose."

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