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Matsumura CHI.:Matsumura CHI.

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CHIHAYA where boyfriend is spending deserted every day without being made. The big excitement which is also overly-serious CHINKO of a HAME teacher in a beautiful milk F cup! By which the form that a rotor is hit against a chestnut in HAME passes eros!

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"The reaction which was done with PIKU which shows a sexual sense area when being fingered, seems sensitive and is wonderful, erotic KU, may. The subjective camerawork in the second half is also good." "That it isn't accustomed to FERA may look like an amateur, but actor's CHINPO in front of FERA does something, and I'd like a star." "A face is not completely satisfactory, but that looks like an animal reversely, the atmosphere which goes wrong feels it's good along with how to suffer and is very good. The violence of the dirty and the gap with animation voice are also best. And an animation using a rotor was judged by this site for the first time while inserting." "A breast was good. I was excited at the scene set back, lower, I don't like a point personally."

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