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Yuko Kano.:Yuko Kano.

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I think that Yuko with the sexy long foot which developed slimly and a slender body are made very sensitively, it was just petted a finger lightly, MANKO GAGU processing cataclysm! And stock in TAPPURI.

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"It's too slender, for, it isn't liked, there is eros, the smell is indignantly. For calling but to rise??" "In a girl's being cute, an actor is not completely satisfactory. When it was a more respectable work. Actor's amateur doesn't need." "Poorness. I have the poor photography sense of style. Stay, phimosis man." "Slender, the young which are the slender type. It's NG privately. They seem also to use ASOKO fairly. A HAME teacher is not completely satisfactory! It's regrettable that there is also no impact like the contents!" "By slenderness, H, your elder sister who has the atmosphere. When it's tasted by MAN KO including a finger, I'd like the place which becomes messy."

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