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Yajima Yuki.:Yajima Yuki.

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The boyfriend who is specific though I don't hope that it's expectation good for sex so much, is Yuki who isn't here and sometimes usually has sex with a shop assistant in a bar. A HAME teacher leads to the head, folding a hand in this way and that to tell a sexual pleasure to such her.

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"It's with meat toilets, ordinary sex, only a sigh..." "It's wonderful, if hitting to here, don't go, that thank you very much is pretty really to pool a child many times, oh, then I don't say, you have fine teamwork at least, and isn't casting the actress who is about ordinariness, by the child ordinary at least, that's all right." "Every time an animation is raised, I regret being admitted. Anyway please improve the quality. One of the hogwash I don't want to see." "The 4th time? I want you to do irresponsibly. It should be pretty, by this degree, without the value to go out more than one times."

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