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Wakamoto makotona.:Wakamoto makotona.

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2nd time of Mr. makotona. The one a HAME teacher prepared to her for whom it's better to be intenser is an eye mask. It reacts sensitively more than it's ordinarily fingered when you twiddle with MANKO in the state which interrupted sight, and a roar like an animal is given by a AHE face and it's felt seriously.

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"Somehow there are too much works which smooth visitor's feeling up recently a blindfold is also so, but the place where I'd like to be Ingres and see is cut securely, and it keeps being irritated. Ordinary angle is fine. I don't need a rise so much.", aren't there? "Without throwing a shoot for this site, I think only a straight pitch game is fine. The girl was good." "I don't know the meaning of the eye mask at all. Though I'm a cute child hard, a stet face can't also be seen and what would you like to do?" "HAA? Are you stupid for a blindfold from the beginning to the end? Is it false? I was serious and hardlied believe the eyes! They hide the face in the actress's being quite cute intentionally and are sane, a matter, 1 copy of a scene was still bearable, but it's united that who of the first part blindfold is profitable? Then take out all new designs only by a blindfold from next time, doesn't a complaint stop?" "You blindfold, and there is an immoralities sense for photography in the dim illumination, it's realistic and. Maybe there may be a change like a program."

Keywords:During tying raw HAME namakan, a ham and slenderness and putting a screen, it's taken out.

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