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Sayuri Tsujita.:Sayuri Tsujita.

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Sayuri with outstanding sensitivity! You have also come vigorously today! CHI○ different from last time will try KO, but feeling is afraid well as expected! Many times, I, please, I suffered big and stopped the end being thick much at the inside!

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"Also please take care of such work which has value only with that in which you reflect plain "liyal" now." "There are a lot of caustic comments, but the repeat is also OK entirely! Ms. beauty in this class sometimes needs." "By playing cheap tricks, of tea, it's made turbid. Don't you have the intension that you try to do something?" "You can suffer from a renewal... until a woman of a typewriter appears for a while because a renewal can be cut with the 3rd time of appearance, A and next week, it has been decided so!" "An actor feels ill in METABO. The actress who often comes."

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