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Yasuko Haraguchi.:Yasuko Haraguchi.

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Yasuko who says it's marriage for the 5th year, but that the twice a week are made my husband. You'll still thrust at a beautiful body with stet rolling away from a back immediately by onanism using a tool, and, medium stock!

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"A comment of my HAME father is unnecessary. First tension fell. They're slender, but I'm a wife of dark hair. Eros is different from an expression and comes very much. If it's the back finish, nothing is seen. It's regrettable in would like a model." "I have the face which seems quiet, the center of the thick man hair is black, and KO pulls MA○ sparkling with man soup, I'm lucky. Tight, during, an erotic leather mature woman takes it out and is done and is best." "There is also some eros tightly quietly. I thought the face was also pretty and thought a fair work." "The wife of a body who doesn't collapse in the character which seems modest. I'd like HIDAHIDA-shaped." "I seemed quiet and was your wife who seems ordinary, but it had the good figure that I seem embarrassed and agonize myself."

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