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Takako Nakazato.:Takako Nakazato.

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In dirty with your husband, it isn't quite satisfactory, Takako who feels. MANKO of thinness hair is outstanding in the sensitivity! Height is done many times many times, and it's stet rolling! In an intense lunge and medium excuse, unconsciously, fascinatedly!

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"The female of the realistic and vivid type. Steady, very lasciviously, I like how to suffer." "The lower part of the body PO, the triangle figure and ASOKO are in the pie bread state mostly. It's about riding and I live and is rolling. I want you to exert itself more in HAME more than den MA." "The place which looks like an ordinary aunt feels reality strangely. How to feel in den MA is terrible for certain. It's this evaluation from free aesthetic judge." "How to feel den MA is sexy, and it doesn't collect. The age is also the strike zone dead center, so, without the facts I say!" "I'm going to go right now in den MA, it's enough inside mostly in ASOKO near pie bread and best."

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