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Kaoru Kuriyama.:Kaoru Kuriyama.

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Only 1 year has passed yet since I got married, Kaoru. I ask a HAME teacher for the lust my husband doesn't satisfy. Which is reproved for a massage machine and leaks out to pleasure of the rest!

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"RORI, I think whether it's thin hair because it's a face, and am excited by AYA R where even putting and bottom hair are closely." "Though a face is pretty, bottom hair is wonderful, for MANKO's seeing grotesque KU too much if it doesn't suit a ww face and is a bristle bristle, only me?" "osanaduma of a childlike face can enjoy insertion time lengthily. Vulgar pubic hair of OMANKO and OMANKO sound can be enjoyed." "It doesn't suit a RORI face, MA○ man hair comes all out closely around KO. Umm, it's obscene." "Anyway, work of a short leg small elephant. The past and now, without progress!"

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