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Kimi Kawauchi.:Kimi Kawauchi.

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The pupil made PATCHIRI is striking Kimi. I offer the first challenge to widow's costume masquerade this time! The mourning dress form which is being disordered is intolerably sexy and urinates just as it is!

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"There is a hammer in these countenance and figure excellently for mourning dress pantyhose! The work intolerable for an enthusiast." "When animation voice has still gone out of your RORI wife and the black stockings a little, does unpleasant feeling hit also break it, how is HAME teacher complete nudity by a wife costume masquerade, the facial feature-like when putting the tongue of wife's sillago out. I'm stark-naked this time." "Your really ordinary wife. Maybe the dirty was made ordinary and the licentious one was preferred. I don't know well whether they're a mourning dress costume masquerade and what's significant one. If it's a kimono, it's understood, but, clothes, then,-." "Please have the person who likes a costume masquerade of a mourning dress and putting play for the thick systems for a face."

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