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Chiho Fujii.:Chiho Fujii.

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Marriage, it has passed for 18 years, Chiho doing with my husband by week Ichi even now. Still by the one which isn't satisfied yet or blame of a HAME teacher, many times, stet rolling! That I agonize myself licentiously, and it overflows, much, during, I take it out and am done!

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"A clerical worker look, the figure was suitable, and even if it was taken off, it was beyond an expectation. I'd like to hope for reappearance again." "An expression of the all commonplace housewife who closes an eye and is enduring shame of photography earnestly is intolerable and is aroused." "Mature woman of big breasts. The, the breast which hangs down and shakes is powerful PAIZURI seems also comfortable.", isn't it?

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