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Aoi Kasugai.:Aoi Kasugai.

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Marriage for 4 years, the beautiful married woman who is 2 children's of my mother and Aoi. While she's usually walking a town, when you also twiddle MANKO for a HAME teacher today, my chronic wife in estrus who feels like being disgusting makes man soup overflow like a flood, and I voice delight.

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"Your wife is 5 star. An actor is liver pass OYAJI, so I'd like to do minus 10 stars. I'm serious and there is a liver and there is a liver and there is a liver." "The level of the actress seemed to fall recently, but this actress was good. By all means, rise of next time's work early, please." "The model good so often? If I thought I was your wife, were you Mr. father of Kansai accent suicide by slashing abdomen as expected."

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