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AIKA:Catwalk poison 09.

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AIKA of a super-popular figure Kansai gal where stupid selling and the appearance work total number call the work on which I appeared since a debut in 2011 more than 50. AIKA who creates a real ambition which isn't inferior to a mature woman by this youth, either indignantly is namakandai running out of control! AIKA who says that he likes to play in CHINPO very much. The technician who is to the extent how to handle it CHINPO isn't exaggerated even if he says that he enters 10 fingers in the audio visual world. The real ambition endurance soup is using a foot, the mouth, a finger and a breast and is just judging a male pot as exquisite technique of Kansai gal known tightly, and from which comes out! It isn't removed by this woman, and by whom does it come off!

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