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Tomomi Honzawa.:For a bad honor-roll student, OSHIOKI.

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Tomomi Honzawa of an orthodox black-haired beautiful girl will be JK, and appears! This time, shoplifting, BARE, please, I become a victim of an abnormal student and a liver teacher. A hair of braids is called bloomers in Isshin a rose doesn't want to do well-matched Tomomi and shoplifter where by an innocent beauty, but it's made by a male student a condition as I prefer. That it's called to a teacher after all and is sticky by the classroom after school, when you toy with Prix bottom and it's a condition desk of the uniform form, raw HAME. When I'd like the material, the expression Tomomi dislikes and the beautiful man who shows an honest reaction though he resists, are a saliva thing. You can make them do to cleaning FERA, and I'm an obedient honor-roll student!

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