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White snow beautiful voice and sound:Monopoly delivery contents Making movie of beautiful voice and sound

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White snow beautiful voice and sound which has a regular appearance experience in that certain variety program, (, a stage name: The making movie of "for a sports meeting, as expected, bloomers" the one from Japanese skylark Mayumi ) appeared, and which was well-received. From a make-up office to the photography landscape and a location speech, an offstage, big opening to the public!

White snow beautiful voice and sound pics

"Would you like a chest for a making movie in an unrevised site? It's seen only like the number adjustment." "How is it? The value as the work isn't put you don't need to have that particularly.", is it? "It's decent as a making movie made in Japan. It's also II that I'm turning a camera by BTS exclusive use. Ideally, Sean of picture taking wanted." "Because it's pretty, it's good, but I don't want to see a making movie." "Beautiful voice and sound of the form of gym clothes. When the eyebrow is made thick. Oh? It's similar to someone."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, an idol, bloomers, hand KOKI, beautiful milk and original animation.

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